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Trade Agent Services
Source:Tianyou Technology    Addtime: 2010/7/26

Trade Agent Services

Tianyou Technology Co., Ltd ‘s Trade agent service is a special service trade. In contrast to China, there are some foreign companies want to trade links into the Chinese domestic investment, because China's laws, policies and foreign exchange control reasons, the lack of effective investment road. Technology Co., Ltd  will follow the permitted by law, the principle of the local community, Through legal compliance, but not obvious way to achieve enterprise or individual would like to invest in China to help China's economic development to provide secure channels.

Our trade agent service:

1, in normal trade transactions, will be delivery of funds in the same time, so that does not involve money out of foreign exchange controls, make cash re-flow in China

2,under normal international trade settlement, our way through the agency of the transaction for money exchange in China and abroad control

3, we have affiliates to achieve the same controller platform for enterprises to reinvest, through security and counter-guarantee mechanism, to legitimate flow of investment.

4, we have some capital investment projects, the investment environment in line with China's laws and regulations, and even government-supported projects that will have shares of capital absorb shares or investment needs, become as our strategic investor We use these capital flows in accordance with the instructions of the investment business to the enterprise.

5, set up China joint venture is meet principle of one of the ways

6, all of this based on trust in the integrity of the support, we are willing provide to the desired service enterprise or individuals who want this service for efficient and reliable quality guarantee.

Due to this business is a highly complex operation and the need for more wide-ranging approach to the use of resources to achieve, please enterprise or personal who want this service will need to holding cautious to contact our agency services group, to get a comprehensive understanding :

Operation Leader:
Financial and investment experts:
Banking experts:

Foreign exchange management experts:
Legal experts:
Trade implementation experts:

Government and policy experts:
public relations experts:

Crisis management experts

We will therefore establish a dedicated operating system, the system is a safe and highly organized, secure and strong team to achieve ,all of counseling need to pay a lot of money as the consulting fees. Please have a real strong demand for personal or enterprise to contact us.In the contact with us, we may request you to provide credit certificates, and expression of the will of the true and official documents.

details of the need for commercial confidentiality is subject to public information where we do not describe it.

Please contact with our key person who in charge of it

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