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A category of "talent" - these people wanted to do, but also have some basic qualities, but needs polish, the company must invest its own, too, have learned to desire.
Second-class "talent" - such people can quickly integrate into the work, to get started right away.
Three types of "human wealth" - these people through their efforts can bring with them enormous wealth.
Pairs of companies, easy to use - that is, use value of the person is "talent."
 "talent" of the prototype, it should be "brain." This is the "talent" of the blank is "raw material" requires the company to spend time to polish. However, on today called "Speed" in the fierce market competition, we lack the time.
 "talent" of the development is the "wealth." "Talent" is easy to use, but nice people do not mean the company will be able to bring financial
Fu. As a minimum quality, "talent" to recognize the performance of culture, but not necessarily immediately be able to have a performance culture for the public
Division to create value. Light a performance culture is not enough, but also be able to create wealth for the company, such a person before it can become "human asset." 
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